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Friday, February 22, 2013

Book: Under the Dome by Stephen King

It's been forever since I've posted on this blog....many things have gone on in our world and I have many photos on my camera I should have downloaded (and put on here).  I need to try and catch up a bit.  This is a sort of silly place to start, but here it is.  I just finished reading this book, I think I saw it on a book blog and had it on my list to look for at our library.  It was actually there, and I about died when I saw the size of the book.  It was huge!  I've already returned it to the library so I googled it and one place said it had 1074 pages.  Pretty heavy to lug around.  I don't really like Stephen King movies, and have never read any of his books, but the story line of this one sounded interesting, and it was.  There was some trashy and violent parts that I could have done without, but still a very interesting story.  One of those books that I found myself wanting to read instead of doing something else I really should be doing (don't you hate and love that!)  One day, in a small town, there suddenly was an invisible dome surrounding it.  Birds, planes, and vehicles ran into it before people realized it was there.  They could communicate with the outside world, but that was it - nothing else could pass through this barrier, .  The story is about what happens, very quickly, to the political/social system within the dome.  Very Lord of the Flies-ish.  I have to admit that I enjoyed it.