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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fiddler on the Roof

 Tara and Austin were in Fiddler on the Roof last weekend (actually their last performance will be tonight, but we went last weekend.)  Our family has a bit of a history with this play, Dave has played the roll of Tevia 2 times; once in northern Idaho and once at Ricks College.  So it was kind of fun to have Tara and Austin participate in this.
 Tayton didn't last very long - he crashed sometime during the first half of the play :)

 My pictures aren't the best, I never knew when Tara or Austin were going to show up, and the audience had been asked that no flash photography be used, so by the time I saw they were on the stage, turned my camera on and my flash off - I'd lost the best shots!!!  But Tara is right there in the center of the photo above with the red apron and blue skirt. 
 I was disappointed this photo didn't turn out better, that is Austin on the very left. 

 After the play when all the cast came out to visit with the audience. 

This is EvvaDeen and Hugh, Spender's parents, who attended the play the same night that we did. 

This last photo I just decided to slip into here.  This is the former site of the train depot where my grandparents lived when my father was born.  My grandpa was the Depot Master in Lave Hot Springs.  The depot was moved from town a little ways out of town and had been converted into a home.  About 20 plus years ago my parents and us (Carole too I believe) visited this building and took some pictures of Dad outside of it, I remember taking the pictures,but not sure if I know where they are now - don't remember seeing them in a long time.  Anyway, last weekend we were in Lava and tried to find the house and couldn't.  Finally asked and learned that it had burned down about 10 years ago, all that is left is the old stove as you can see in the picture.  So sad, it was a neat old building.  A link to my Dad and grandparents is now gone.