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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dad's final days and funeral

We lost our dad last week.  We knew it would be coming before very long, but when it arrived it was too soon. 

He was able to stay at home, which was a blessing.  Some family members were able to make it and see him before he passed.  He wasn't in pain, and slept most of the time, and eventually slipped into a coma and wasn't aware.  Though it was some what difficult to watch the daily decline, it was a relatively easy passing - for which we are so grateful.
I have so many memories of my father's hands.  I took several pictures of them.  Here is my brother showing Dad's wedding ring we were finally able to remove,  Mom said she didn't think he had ever taken it off.
A small smattering of memories displayed at the funeral to sum up a long and full life. 

The sign-in table, programs, and an oil painting of the Logan temple where our parents were married.

The earthly tabernacle that housed my father while he was here.  It didn't really look like him, as is pretty common.  I found it helpful that it didn't.  I didn't feel sad looking at his remains, I worried that I would - thus making it more difficult when I needed to speak at the funeral, but I felt little connection here.  Dad had left this shell - I was relieved that it was so clear to me. 

 Me, Carole, Mom, Jeff
The funeral was lovely.  It was completely done by family members.  Many memories, lots of laughter, a few tears,  Carole, Jeff & I  spoke.  Crawford (grandson) played a piano solo, a nephew played the organ and Chelsea (granddaughter) lead the music.  My husband gave the opening prayer, and Dad's only surviving brother, Ab, gave the closing prayer. 

The burial was the next day since we had to drive to Logan.  It was a lovely, beautiful day.  We had a large turn out of family members from both sides of the family.  People who made the effort to come long distances will always be loved for their effort. 

My father was a war hero...saved the lives of 10 men in WWII.  (A story only my brother knew until this week when he shared it with us.  My Dad never mentioned it to the rest of us, even my mother.)  As the military honors were performed, I found myself feeling proud that he was being recognized for that service, in front of his family, for the first time.

The "Grandpa" spray.  A floral tribute to the circle of life.
You will be missed, but we know you are near......and keeping watch over us.
We love you, Dad.


  1. I love these pictures. So sad I missed it! I will have to make a special effort to go to his grave when we are back west, then maybe he will forgive me? :) Are you wearing boots- you look sassy and stylish. love it. Also, Did Grandpa have bodyguards at his funeral? Oh wait...thats just Carole and David. ;)

  2. No one expected to see you there, Ashley, even Grandpa!!! Being 8 1/2 months pregnant and on the other side of the country qualifies for a pass-card :) You would have been here other wise, we all know it. Yep, boots - it was chilly that morning, so I was glad I brought them. Carole and David -- bodyguards -- ???

  3. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing with those of us that couldn't make it.

  4. Miriam and family, I'm so sorry about your loss. Hugs.