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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Anniversary


(Well, actually this was taken last year when we were in Logan for my Dad's burial)

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary.  We've been together twice as long as we weren't together, does that make sense?  So many things in those 39 years, and we now find ourselves in the "golden years" - those words actually make sense now.  Other than losing parents they really are pretty golden, much easier than earlier ones.  As life would have it, we're spending the day apart - Dave has a bank meeting out of town and I have such a backlog of quilts with upcoming deadlines that I felt pressured to stay home and keep working. It's okay, we'll do something this weekend, part of being together long enough you get over fussing about the little things.

We are so grateful for 4 wonderful children who continue to make us proud, as well as their spouses and our grandchildren - the legacy we'll leave behind.  They are the gold in our lives.  

On to year 40!  We're already talking about an Alaska Cruise :) 

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  1. Happy Anniversary (a few days late)! Hope you were able to celebrate this past weekend.