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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life as I know it

Life continues to be busy, craft show is over and who knows if it was worth the effort since I was just advertising my LA quilting.  Blake and I might do wood crafts next year, I'm actually thinking about turning one of my store rooms downstairs into a wood working area like I've had in a couple of other houses, someplace where I can cut wood without being out in a cold/dark garage most of the year.  I'm seeing all kinds of wood things I'd like to do -- it's been a long time.

Quilting is crazy busy right now, as is typical for this time of year.  I'm glad of it or something would be wrong with my business!!

I've been called as the compassionate service leader in our ward (me and another lovely lady.)  Just turned in the last 3 missionary plaques and all my ordering information to the new people who will be doing it in our two wards (we were just divided).  I've taken care of that for about 9 years, it seems kind of strange to hand it over to others.  Someone else is doing the Sunday bulletin now as well.  It will be interesting to see how this ward functions -- I kind of had a few issues with the way callings were filled in the previous ward. 

Above are the piano lesson prizes my students have earned for September and October.  They have to practice 5 days a week for the month to get that month's prize.  It's not easy for me to get these made each month, I'm very busy, so I expect them to really have earned them. (It's amazingly difficult for students to accomplish that....you would think it would be a given/expected, you take piano lessons, you practice 1/2 an hour every day.) They have one more week to earn November's prize and I'm already wondering how in the world I'm going to get those made up.  But I enjoy doing things differently than other teachers and trying to make piano lessons a bit fun if possible. 

Our new rental (the twin home) is finally fixed up and rented.  We've already had to go back and fix a roof leak and the floor drain into the laundry room started backing up when they installed their washing machine.  Had a plumber over to fix that.  Eventually we'll get all the bugs worked out of this little place.  We knew going in there was a lot to fix on this place, but I think we've almost got it done until next summer when we will fix the yard. 

Our old house finally got the rest of the front landscaping rocks brought in.  Seems like it took all summer to get that project completed.  Looks really nice - I need to take a picture.  We still need to simplify the back yard there so it is easy to maintain...another project for next summer. 

Dave has had his annual Fall cough.  Ever since he had both lungs fill up with fluid after his surgery a few years ago this has turned into an annual thing for him.  Takes forever for him to get over it - don't think his lungs will ever be the same. 

Plan to help out at Ashley's with the other girls when Addie has her surgery.  Our sweet little Addison, hope this finally gets her feeling good.  Still keeping our fingers crossed that Little Man becomes a permanent member of our family without any complications.  Spencer tried to amputate his thumb a few months back (a bit of an exaggeration...but just a bit!)  Last I heard it wasn't healing as well as it should, hopefully that's old news and it's doing better.  Blake and Sarah have driven to our place 3 weeks in a row to help us with the new rental...what good sports.  Finally they had a weekend to stay home and they've all had the flu.  Bummer. 

Well, I must go and work on something -- it's a toss up, do the bills or finish a quilt.  Hmmmmmm. 

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