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Sunday, August 5, 2012

House update

 Blake and Sarah on the elliptical.  They have had to make numerous trips here so that Blake could help us with the work we're doing on the house.  We're so grateful for them!!
 Earlier in the year Ashley thought she and the girls might move in with us for awhile until Dave finished his schooling back east....so early in the spring we got busy finishing a couple of bedrooms down stairs

 This year we also planned to get the front yard put in.  Here is Blake digging down in the mostly rocks so sprinklers could be installed.
 Because of issues with our landscaper, the front yard never ended up getting done.  As it turns out it's a good thing, we're using some of that saved money to continue the work on the basement.
 Ashley decided that they weren't going to move in after all....so we had kind of slowed down the work...just slowly puttered around at it when it was convenient for everyone.  Well, now things have changed, again, and they ARE moving in (yes, we are excited!!)  So the project is back on full throttle!  The above picture is what my work room looks like right now with additional furniture piled in there.  Quilting will be interesting for the next month. 

 Looks like we finally have the 2 bedrooms to the point that the carpet can be installed later this week.  It will be so nice to get the beds back into those rooms and having at least that part more back to normal. 
Another large unfinished room downstairs that we've decided to finish and put all my sewing/longarm stuff into so the big family room downstairs will be free for Ashley and her girls to have their toys and a place where they can have their own space.  Originally this was supposed to be my sewing space anyway, and then I changed my mind and used the other room.....but the original plan I think will actually work out better for when family is here anyway.  So, back to plan "A".  We have Blake, carpet layers, and sheet rock texture guy all scheduled out for the month in order to finish in time.  As long as nothing get delayed we should get things finished before Ashley, the girls and their entire apartment of belongs show up.  This will be an insane month.


  1. OH GAW. LOL Exciting, but sounds exhausting.

  2. Looks great and I have to admit exhausting too! Ash better appreciate it!