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Monday, August 20, 2012

Molly's Blessing

I had to steal the top photo from Ashley since we weren't able to be there for the big event.  Our sweet little Molly was blessed the first Sunday of this past month.  It's nice that the other set of grandparents were able to attend. 
Here's a photo of the dress before I sent it off in the mail.  Ashley sent me a picture of a similar dress she found online that was pretty pricey....could I make it?  Well sure - is it made out of fabric?, PLEASE!!!  I'm super grandma, of course I can make it.  Well guess what, nada.  The original dress had fishing line in the hems that  made them wave beautifully.  (FYI, use super light fabric like chiffon if you want to put fishing line in the hem!!)  But of course, we chose a much heavier, wedding weight satin, and the fishing line just couldn't work the same way.  So our dress here has a different look to it, though I worked and tried until I wanted to throw the whole thing into the garbage!  We just decided to go with what we were getting and luckily Molly didn't care a bit! 


  1. The dress (and the baby, of course) is beautiful, even if it didn't turn out exacting the way you wanted it to. In a while, no one will even remember that or care. :)

  2. that is care about the dress. :)