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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Buying menus

In my searching the internet for whole food recipes I ran across a blog called happyherbivore.com.  She has a weekly menu you can buy for $5.  It has 7 days worth of meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack ideas - each day it's limited to 1,200 calories - so it's also a diet menu as well as a whole plant diet.  I'm giving it a try ...just went to the store to shop for my first week.  Grocery bill went up from what it has been since I swapped out meat for fresh foods, but some of that was some staples that I shouldn't have to buy again for awhile.  She had a sample one day's menu that I liked everything on....I'm reserving judgement on this week's, I'll have to let you know!

I bought parsnip, tofu, and a couple of spices I've never heard of for the first time.  Was supposed to get red lentils, couldn't find those so ended up with regular colored ones.  I could find the majority of things on the shopping list, but a few I couldn't.  It's uncomfortable to go outside of one's comfort zone!  And with a husband who - though is willing to make this change - is quite vocal when he doesn't like something it's a bit nerve wracking when I set out any new dish, I always grit my teeth waiting for the reaction.  This will be an interesting week.

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  1. My mom emailed me about this. This is awesome!