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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My life

1.  Rental:  painting over at the new rental.  Currently trying to get the first white coat on to cover 4 rooms that have very dark walls.  Took paint samples over to the hardware store and we now have matching paint to paint the outside of the house - but the weather has been either rainy or too cold, so the paint is waiting.  Got the carpets cleaned, as well as the refrigerator.  Found a heavy duty weed whacker to borrow, hope to hack down the weeds next week.

2.  Quilts:  I can feel my busy season starting.  Already have a back log and of course I had someone come in with one that needs to be done right now.  She is a good friend, so I try to accommodate.

3.  Grandbabies birthdays:  Have 2 this month having their first birthdays.  Received a request for quiet books - which are super time consuming.  So, I wake up about 5:00 a.m. each morning and work on those before I start my day.  If all goes as planned I hope to finish them up today. 

4.  I had an insane urg to apply for a booth at our local Holly Fair.  And wouldn't you know -- I managed to get one.  Not sure if I'm happy or mad about it!!!  A friend offered to share it with me, so hopefully she'll do most of the stuff to sell and I can just advertise my quilting business, which was the whole idea to begin with.  Still have some things that I need to prepare for it,  not sure how I'm going to get it all done, but with the quiet books finished now maybe I'll work on this at 5:00 am!

5.  Our ward was divided the week before conference.  I kept expecting to get a call and given an assignment, but so far - nada.  Not complaining - not sure how I could handle trying to deal with a new calling right now.  This sunday will be interesting, though, since we are in the new ward and there will be lots of people we don't know and lots of sustainings going on!

6.  Piano lessons:  still going strong.  I'm still struggling with how to organize myself, trying to instigate new programs for sight reading, composing, playing by ear, playing lead sheets, theory games, ensemble playing on digital pianos, monthly incentive activities (what have I forgotten?).  Just finished Sept and made about 8 music themed light switch cover plates.  Never done anything like that before and it took me awhile but they turned out pretty neat, kids seemed to like them.  Have October's practice incentive game up and running, and trying to think ahead to Nov and Dec.  My head is just buzzing. 

7.  House cleaning and cooking - not happening.

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