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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our newest project

 It really is a bit of a mess -- do we have "stupid" stamped on our foreheads?  Just you wait, this is going to be a great rental property when we get it fixed up.  Hopefully most of it will just be elbow grease. 
 I think half of the light bulbs inside are burned out, it was pretty dark in there, so I'll take pictures in there at another time.  The entire thing will have to be repainted, cleaned, etc.  And the back yard....oh a must see, the discarded washing machine back there is the highlight I think. 
 The other side of the duplex was purchased recently by people we know for rental property as well.  They had a real mess to clean up on that end also, but now have it rented to a nice young couple.  I'm sure they, as well as the rest of the neighborhood, will be delighted to have our side cleaned up. 
We spent a little while this evening, before it got too dark, cutting down enough weeds so it's possible to get through the front gate without having to push them aside.  We set out the garbage can (which was thoughtfully left by the previous people....full, and sitting in the garage with additional bags of garbage sitting around it) delightful.  I actually get a kick out of turning yucky into nice.  Unfortunately this is my busy time of year for quilting, so I would have preferred not to be doing this right now, but ya do what ya have to do.  We'll just need to be super organized to keep up with everything - some of our kids have said they'll come in a few weekends to help, so I think we have a good shot at meeting our goal.  Let the fun begin :)

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