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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Salt Sugar Fat

I usually don't write about a book I've read until after I've finished it....I'm currently on page xiii (still in the prologue!), and find myself wanting to start marking the things I'm reading in the book.  (Drats - I thought I was being so smart to wait for it at the library and save myself the cost of the book.)  My guess is that I'm going to find many things that I want to share with people I love.  How to do it without preaching?  Especially since I eat as badly as everyone else in the country, and I've done enough digging to know better.  When you are in a hurry it's just so much easier to eat fast, prepared food.  So, I'll just post things that hit me between the eyes, if you want to read and learn along with me - great!  I really hope you do.  If not, then I'm not forcing anything on you.

"General Mills was dominating in the dairy aisle, showing the rest of the industry just how easy it was to influence America's eating habits.  The company's Yoplait brand had already transformed traditional unsweetened breakfast yogurt into a dessert-like snack.  It now had twice as much sugar per serving as Lucky Charms, the company's cloyingly sweet, marshmallow-filled cereal.  And yet, because of yogurt's well-tended image as a wholesome, life-giving snack, sales of Yoplait were soaring, with annual revenue topping $5000 million.  Emboldened by the success, General Mills'  development wing pushed even harder, inventing a yogurt that came in a squeezable tube -- perfect for kids -- eliminating the need for a spoon.  They called it Go-Gurt."


  1. Keep quoting! I want to know more and don't have time to read it myself yet!!

  2. I"m still waiting for more quotes :)

  3. Carole, I haven't had time to read it, either!! It is patiently sitting on my end table waiting for me to get to it.