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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memory Lane

Still working at cleaning out photos on my camera.  Here's some pictures we took...sometime...on a trip to Idaho, we drove past some of our old homes and neighborhoods and took some pictures of what they look like now.  This one above is from Twin Falls.  A very pretty home we liked quite a lot.  I planted that tree in the front and the one showing over the corner of the back fence, they have grown so much.  Hey, I just noticed it looks like they brought the wishing well from the back yard and have it in the front by the porch....interesting.  Not a big fan of stuff like that in the front yard, but it's cute and fun in the back. 
Obviously not an old home.  This is Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg, don't think Chelsea ever went here but the other kids all spent a number of years in this school which was right in our neighborhood.  I even worked at a teachers aid for a year there. 

Probably my favorite house - (if you don't count the one we're in now).  Rexburg, the last one we lived in there.

One of my least favorite houses, no curb appeal at all, and the layout of the house was just awkward.  But it was the only one for sale in our old neighborhood and ward when we moved back to Rexburg for the 2nd time.  If  was fine, we redid a lot of the carpet, painted, redid tackily done things.  We did like that the backyard was right off the school playground - it looked like our yard went on forever :)  Stayed here until the house above came on the market....we bought it and moved down the block! 

Our first home in Rexburg.  It used to have a ton of trees in the front - you couldn't even see the house!  And some awful railroad ties all around the grass (never could figure out why someone would do that.)  All that is gone now....really changes the look of the house.  This was one of those moves where I never saw the house until we moved in....we had a couple of those.  It was just easier for Dave to find something than for us to bring all our little kids miles and miles and house hunt.  He usually did a pretty good job picking out something for us. 
It's always nostalgic to return to old homes, especially Rexburg where I really thought we'd live there forever when we returned the 2nd time.  Even though the weather is horrible in the winter, I really love Rexburg. 


  1. Yep, I still consider Rexburg my home. Followed probably by SLC. Very cool to look back at the houses. I remember them all very clearly. Oh, and yes I never attended Kennedy. I started in 6th grade in Rexburg.

  2. Interesting that you posted this. Just last week, we drove down the street (in Boise) where I lived for most of elementary and jr. high. The whole neighborhood is kind of trashy, and the houses have not been maintained. Just a couple of years ago, the neighborhood looked really nice. I was so disappointed.