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Friday, May 17, 2013

My mother's visit to Roosevelt

We have lived in this eastern corner of Utah for over 8 years and a few months ago my mom came to visit for the first time.  She actually had some business that needed to be done here, which prompted the trip, but it worked for us :)  It was over conference weekend, so 3 of my 4 children had made arrangements to come anyway, so it worked out well for some photos. 

This is my sweet sister-in-law, Anne, who has moved in with mom now to help her out with things.  Anne has lived on the east coast for many years, and we haven't had a chance to see her often.  My son, Blake, didn't even remember meeting her before.  It was nice to have her here, too, and now we hope to see her much more often.

All of my grandchildren with their great grandmother. Kinsey, Molly, Addison, Elizabeth, Tayton, and Austin.


  1. How fun to have all your grandchildren together in a picture with their great-grandmother.