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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise Birthday Party for Ashley and Molly

You know how the best made plans don't always work?  Our son-in-law, Dave, made arrangements for a surprise birthday party for Ashley and Molly.  Invited friends, bought food, everything.  He ended up working ALL DAY at the hospital and missed the whole thing.  Of course Ashley didn't know anything about it, and the rest of us are kind of.....hmmmm, do we know enough of what he planned to pull this off without him?
Dave had told Ashley that we were going out to dinner that night, so she didn't plan any food.  We knew friends were supposed to be showing up...sometime....so we were trying to put off Ashley wanting to go out to a restaurant...."we're not really hungry, can we just make sandwiches or have left overs?"  "Actually, let's just let the guys be in charge of dinner tonight....pull out the hamburgers."  Here Ashley is, looking a bit frustrated about how dinner is not going the way she thought it was supposed to.  We're all hoping the friends show up quickly!

Little Molly with her birthday balloons

Friends finally came and brought part of the meal, and Ashley was surprised and then understood what we had been trying to do behind her back.

Molly really liked watermellon
 and immediately decided to try and eat the big ONE candle on her birthday cupcake.
Lots of food, cake and ice cream

 cupcake aftermath!

Ashley's sweet new friends in Rawlins that helped pull off the surprise party.  We made a plate for Dave and told him all about it when he got home.  So sad.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Molly and Ashley.