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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book: The Second Ship

I never planned to read this book.  When we were in Boise last week I foolishly only took one book with me to read....forgetting that I would have more time and might possibly need a second.  Well, I did finish the book and then was kicking myself I hadn't brought another library book along, I currently have 5 waiting eagerly for me to get to!  I looked through mom's books and nothing really grabbed me, I considered buying a Kindle book -- there are 2 that I have not been able to get at our library that are sequels I've been wanting to read, but they were almost $10 (I'm cheap, I'll admit it).  I have some free kindle books stored on my device, but again, none were really 'speaking' to me.  So I was just bouncing around the amazon kindle book section and ran across this one, it was only $2.  Bingo.  It's kind of a Roswell/alien book, but not the typical.  I like aliens, this one sounded fun - so I got it.  Of course it's a trilogy and now I have to figure out how to get the other two. 
In 1948, an alien starship fell from the New Mexico sky...and immediately vanished behind the walls of the Los Alamos Laboratory.  Since that day the US military has endeavored to reverse engineer the ship's alien technology through top-secret research known only as the RHO Project.  Now, sixty years after the crash, the government is prepared to tell all.  Or so it claims....
For there is a second ship, hidden for decades just out of the military's reach.  And when a trio of students discovers it buried deep inside a remote canyon, they are changed forever.  With a single touch, the technology the government has spent billions trying to unlock is uploaded into the minds of three teenagers...teenagers who now know the frightening truth about the Rho Project.  Together they are thrust into a violent world of secrets and corruption, becoming reluctant soldiers in a war destined to alter what it means to be human.
Seems like lately I'm reading books that the main characters are teenagers, as this book is.  Quite a few have been categorized as YA books, but it seems like those are the ones coming out that have the really interesting story lines and less violence and sex.  This book was not YA, and was a bit more violent than what I've been reading lately, but I enjoyed the story line.  It is going on my "series to try and find the next book" list!

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