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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Manti Miracle Pagent

We drove to Provo and picked up Blake, Sarah and Elizabeth then took off for Manti to meet up with Tara's family and see the pageant.  The Parkers were coming in from a fun vacation to California and they were running, way, behind and didn't get there until at least half way through the show - so I didn't get any pictures of them.  Spencer wasn't feeling well and he opted for staying in their motel.

 This is only the second time we've been to this pageant and the last time Blake was just a little kid...I'm thinking Chelsea was on her mission.  So it was almost like seeing it for the first time, really didn't remember very much about it except vague impressions.  Lots of people, fun and wonderful atmosphere.  Can't imagine setting up all these chairs!
 I can't figure out how to control where the pictures choose to download themselves here, and don't have the time right now to mess with it.  So you get what you get.  We mowed the lawn for the first time this past Thursday (we were told to wait 3 weeks - it got pretty long!)  Looks so pretty.
 We've been watching for a sofa to put in the basement.  When Diana decided she wanted me to buy her out on the longarm I ended up using the money I was saving for a sofa to give to her.  With some other expenses coming up I had pretty much decided that the sofa just wasn't going to happen this year.  Blake found another discount place in Provo and took us there this weekend, we found this set for less than half what we had found other places....I decided to get it.  You some times just need to go with the deals when you find them. 
All set up to watch the 'big screen'. 
Okay, back to the pagent.

 Our beautiful little Elizabeth....she slept through the whole thing, the best baby ever! 
Evidently I have relatives buried in the cemetery just off the temple grounds.  Daniel Henrie and others who were very instrumental in the pioneer history of the area.  Mom told me there was a large tomb stone with multiple family members buried in the area.  Couldn't find any since we didn't know where to look.  Tried to check out all the larger monuments, but came up zero.  What a beautiful place to wait for the 2nd coming and resurrection. 

Neglected to get photos the next day when Parkers finally met up with us at Blake's for a BBQ on Saturday evening.  Spencer ended up at a hospital for most of the day, not getting a whole lot of help, and still feeling cruddy.  At least we did get to see everyone for a little while before we all had to take off.  We felt badly that the end of Tara's family's big trip ended up the way it did, but for us it was a very nice weekend. 


  1. Laughed at the big screen :) (Kinda like ours. lol) You look rather comfy on the new sofa. Wow, gorgeous Manti!