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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celtic Woman

Dave and I got to attend a live concert of Celtic Woman in Boise last week.  Our daughter, Ashley, bought us tickets as a thank you for them living with us for several months last year.  She learned that we liked this group, so she surprised us with these tickets.....we just needed to get ourselves to Idaho to see it, though :)
It was a great concert, recognized the majority of the music, which is always more enjoyable.  It was interesting to see the wide age span of the audience, people from early 20s to quite elderly.  Not many teenyboppers, but mostly people old enough to enjoy some really beautiful music.  Many standing ovations. It was very well done and enjoyable. 
 I counted, and this is my 4th live concert (The Monkeys when I was about 13, The Carpenters when I was about 18, Josh Groban a few years ago, and now Celtic Woman -- all classics!!!!)  Thank you, Ashley & Dave :)


  1. How fun! Really nice of Ashley & Dave. (Not my favorite group, but up toward the top :) )

  2. This sounds so fun! I love Celtic Woman.