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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Water in the basement

It's really odd how life works.  The past week we've been dealing with a water issue in the basement at another property....(not owned by us), and now we suddenly find ourselves in a similar situation at our house.    I have a storage room next to my longarm studio that is full of my fun junk.  I don't think I've been in there in at least a week.  I suddenly had an idea of something I wanted to do this evening and ran down to get something and opened the door to realize the carpet was wet and water seemed to be dripping from the ceiling.  Oh My Gosh!!!!  DAVE!!!!! 
It took a few minutes to discover that a hose at the basement floor level had sprung a leak.  There was so much water pressure that it was shooting up and hitting the ceiling and then that water was spattering in every direction covering stuff on shelves as well as the carpet on the floor. 
I had to haul out about 5 shelves worth of things to either dry out or get out of the way so we could get a rug doctor into there to soak up water out of the carpet.

some of my pantographs will never quite be the same, sigh.

Dave getting ready to empty out the first container of water that was pulled out of the carpet.

The pink towel is laid over the leak, We think we got the water turned off, but it continued to spray for awhile.  This is the continuous hot water heater, luckily there's a drain in the floor or it would have been much worse.
We've been a bit distraught over the other house's water issues, but now we find ourselves knowing how we need to deal with ours.  I assume we'll need to pull up carpet and pads, cut out lower sheetrock so insulation and wallboard, studs and tack strips (everything) can dry completely out and mold won't be an issue.  I'm guessing we'll need to do that in a portion of the ceiling as well where the water was hitting that for who knows how long.  It seems like a real hassle, but I know there are worse hassles down the line if we don't do this. 
With what I have going on in the next week I easily might not have gone into that room for at least 7 days if not more....we are actually feeling very blessed right now.  We found it and know what we need to do.  Life is interesting that way. 

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  1. Did you get all of the water cleaned up?? I've never heard an update on this. I hope you caught it early enough to not have much damage!